I had a better version of this that showed the volume of people who walk past these homeless people but it was so overexposed I could not bring it back to any decent level.


Most of my photos these days seem to be taken from traffic lights or while stuck in traffic.

Hiding on the boardwalk

Its not obvious in the photo but he was as close to standing behind the tree as possible.

Colourful Dublin

No shortage of colour along Bachelors Walk

Traffic Lights work

Sitting in traffic and spotted the lads working away, the exposure was a little long as it was so dark but happy my hand was steady enough to get ok quality.

Susannes Bouquet

A bouquet made for a friend of mine by another friend, Susanne Meister


Lough Boora Parklands

Red sky at night

A sunset from the back of my own house.

Thomas Moore

Once again, sitting in traffic.


Sitting in traffic on the quays this little guy was having a good look around.

M4 Hamster Wheel

I have no idea of the names of these 'art works' on the M4 motorway but I tried this quickshot of an oul tower through it today from the side of the road. Accoring to Google maps the tower is 1.5km from where I took it, hence the lack of detail.


This was taken before today but as I have not been out in a while I took an old and badly underexposed photo and spent a while bringing it up to a decent level without much noise.

A Colourfull Shower

A bit underexposed due to the fact this was a was driving when the unusual colours started to appear. The camera was on the passangers seat so I snapped a load without looking. This the only decent one.

Daniel O'Connell

New Years Day - 1st Jan

Ghost feet

This was an exposure shot taken at traffic lights. My headlights illuminated his feet as he crossed.

Baggot St, Early morning.

Once again I was stuck for something to post, so this is a quick shot from early morning before work. Wrong f-stop again.....

Day 3 - Exposure

Once again I left it far too late to take a picture today, chrismtas is a busy time. This was a simple long exposure.

Day 2 - Lego Trucking

Caught short for content I just took a snap of my sons newly constructed Lego truck in macro mode. I played with the colouring a bit but nothing dramatic.

Day 1 - Tullamore D.E.W's new distillerys

A quick panorama the relief road around Tullamore.

The Moon

I was playing with exposure and was lucky enough to get clear enough sky's to allow me capture this.

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