December 2013

A photo a day - Day 1

I have decided to try the photo a day project after reading a few experiences on Reddit and the wider web. Initially I was going to go for a particular style or focus on one type of photo but I figure 365 days is a long time to work on just one area and instead I would just shoot what ever I seen, when ever I could. I chose not to start on the 1st of January as I find I never follow through on things I start on the first, countless new years resolutions can attest to that.

My first shot was today on the 26th December, on my way to work. I am indoors just about all day and working for the majority of it so I will get little chance to shoot. I just pulled up on the side of the road to check the camera as I had forgotten to charge it. I was in a poor location to get a good perspective of the new Tullamore Dew distillery that is being built in Tullamore, Co.Offaly so I decided to take a few quick shots and attempt a panorama. The battery is dead now and I have no charger so I will just work with what I got.

Day 1 - Tullamore D.E.W's new distillerys

It is a very dull day today here in Ireland and the pics were captured at ISO 200 with f5.6. Going back I would have taken less photos, changed from 1/200sec. In future I think the panoramas need far clearer source images. It was also my first time to use Hugin for my panorama stitching. I am currently using Windows 7 and will be moving back to Linux as my main desktop shortly so I want to start working on some cross platform tools. As a side note I have been using Lightroom 5 on trial and while I love it, I'm not sure its worth the €99 price tag. Darktable is a long way behind it in terms of quick and easy workflow but I think I will be bale to make that up in time.