January 2014

Birr Castle Demesne - Multiple shots.

Ok, not long into my photo a day project and I am far behind. In order to catch up I posted a few different shots from a walk in the grounds of Birr Castle.

First up is a simple shot of a branch in the water as the obvious flood waters were receding. I just liked the contrast of colours. The focus is quite poor but it my own defence it was at 300mm out of the hand at 1/125. It is clear enough for me to still be happy with but over all not great from a sharpness point of view.

The second is a far more composed effort. Also out of hand, I had enough time here to try a few settings and settled on 1/25 due to how dark the woods are. In editing I played with the settings and got some nice visual effects but these shorts are more about the capture than the edit so I figured I would upload as is. Unlike the previous shot there is a decent amount of clarity in this shot.

The third shot was an exposure from hand. I had tried these in the past but I was never comfortable enough with the camera settings to get one with any sort of clarity. The biggest challenge here was to get the desired effect on the water without blurring the leaves and branches too much. I teied a few and then just decided to take multiple stepping up each time. While editing I decided on the 1/4 shot as I felt it was the best all rounder.

The last shot was of the castle itself. I tried a few times to capture the sky and the castle at the same time but being such an overcast day it was difficult to get the clouds without turning the castle face black and vice versa. In the end I decided to wait until some light broke through and used the editing software to balance out the difference between them. The sky is still a tab bit overexposed but it was literally the sun bursting through so I felt there was no point in making the picture look artificial for the sake of a bit of over exposure.

A photo a day - Day 4 & 5

I got caught short a few days due to just commuting to work and back again and working during daylight hours. I figured I had no opportunity to shoot until I decided to use my dashboard as a tripod and take a few shots with a slightly longer exposure.

Baggot St, Early morning. Once again I was stuck for something to post, so this is a quick shot from early morning before work. Wrong f-stop again.....

The first shot above is of Baggot St in the early morning. Its nothing special but considering I pass though here so often and its always so busy I though it was nice to capture it empty and quite for a change. It was only a few days after Christmas so only the few unfortunate of us (or fortunate) were back at work.

Ghost feetThis was an exposure shot taken at traffic lights. My headlights illuminated his feet as he crossed.

The second shot was 50% accident 50% intentional. I was stopped at the lights for a good while at the top of Burgh Quay due to an incident with a fire brigade so I popped the camera on the dash again and played with a longer exposure. After capturing multiple exposures of buses with just streaks passing by I decided to try capture some pedestrians. I figured the headlights of the car would give enough light but the resulting effect was cooler than expected.

Only so much exposure one can do before you get sick of it, so to try some from the hand captures for the next few days.